Law 466

Law 466 Attorney

Marshall Neel, Esq.

Attorney & Counselor at Law

At a glance:

  • Native New Mexican, born and raised in Santa Fe
  • Aggie - Bachelor of Human & Community Services, NMSU, Las Cruces
  • Lobo - Juris Doctor, UNM School of Law, Albuquerque
  • Licensed attorney in the State of New Mexico
  • Specialized in "limited legal services"

While it usually pays to consult an attorney when you have a legal issue, there are a variety of reasons that people do not, chief among those the cost and a feeling that legal counsel would not help. The fact that some 66% of people who have a legal issue do not utilize our justice system seems to be testimony to the fact that the legal community, or justice system, does not offer them what they need at a price they can afford or want to pay.

This is the motivation behind Law 466. In the legal world, this is called "unbundled services," or "limited legal representation." It amounts to providing you with only those specific services you need, that only attorneys can provide, without representation.

Unique Experience

I came to the law later in life after a successful career in banking and several entrepreneurial endeavors. I bring extensive real world, common sense business experience to my law practice.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

I am cofounder of an economic development platform called Main Street Crowd. We bring together all the players in business and community development in every community.

Stay tuned!  More to come on economic development!