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Scope of the Agreement and Services. The Client named below is in need of certain legal services, the Attorney may agree to provide the Services, and the Parties agree to proceed under a limited scope arrangement. "Limited scope" means the Attorney assists the Client only with specific information and guidance, identified and stated in writing and mutually agreed to in advance, and not legal representation.


Client has read, understands, and agrees to the terms and conditions presented in this form prior to submitting the request for Services.

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Fee Paid to Attorney. Client agrees to pay the Attorney a flat fee based on $66.00 per hour for the Services unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties.

Costs. The Client agrees to pay any costs associated with the Services in addition to the flat fee. Costs include but are not limited to the following: filing fees, postage, fax, long distance, court document costs, computer-related fees, messenger services, and copies.

Client’s Duties. Legal matters require input and cooperation from the Client. Failure of the Client to perform any duties necessary in order for the Attorney to satisfactorily complete the Services shall not be held against the Attorney.

Conclusion of Services and Attorney’s Withdrawal. Upon conclusion of the Services specifically requested in this arrangement, or upon the Attorney's withdrawal, the Attorney's involvement is finished and no other communication from the Attorney will happen. At the Attorney's discretion, the Attorney may send a Notice of Withdrawal to the address of record for the Client and the Attorney's involvement is finished. The Notice of Withdrawal will contain the Client's contact information listed above and may be accessible by others.

Termination. Either the Attorney or the Client may terminate this arrangement upon written notice to the other. Termination shall not relieve either party from fulfilling obligations agreed to in this arrangement.

Notice. The Attorney makes no direct or implied statements or promises of success or favorable outcome to Client.