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How much does it cost?

No Appointments

We work using a "virtual office." That is how we save you time and money in not having to schedule appointments and travel to our offices for consultation. We are able to deliver the information you need to you quickly and efficiently.

Sayings about Lawyers :)

"Between grand theft and a legal fee there stands only a law degree."


"It is the trade of lawyers to question everything, yield nothing, and to talk by the hour."

Thomas Jefferson

Flat Fees for Limited Legal Services

One of the reasons people don't seek legal counsel for simple questions is the fear of the hourly cost to talk to a lawyer. If you have every retained a lawyer, you know what it costs.

We'll charge you a flat fee and tell you up front. At Law 466, we do not undertake to represent you at some dollar amount per hour billed monthly. We deliver limited legal services ... primarily researching the particular law surrounding your situation and providing you with the information you need to make informed choices on how to proceed. If we can help you, we'll estimate the work involved, quote you the fee, and let you know what you will receive from us should you decide to proceed. If you decide to proceed, you'll send the agreed upon amount to us via PayPal and we will do the work.

Again, these are LIMITED LEGAL SERVICES and we charge a low $66 per hour. Depending on the issue, the law involved, the complexity of the situation, or whether we are actually drafting forms for you, based on our initial conversation, we will estimate the work involved and quote the price as a flat fee.  It will never be more. The initial call is at no cost to you.