Law 466

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Free Fillable Forms for Bernalillo County Metro Court

At a glance:

Rule 4-201Civil Complaint
Rule 4-202Civil Complaint
Rule 4-203Complaint in Forcible Entry or Unlawful Detainer
Rule 4-204Civil Summons
Rule 4-302Answer to Civil Complaint
Rule 4-304Stipulation of Dismissal
Rule 4-305Notice of Dismissal of Complaint
Rule 4-306AMotion to Dismiss Action
Rule 4-306BOrder Dismissing Action
Rule 4-702Motion for Default Judgment
Rule 4-704Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment
Rule 4-706Satisfaction of Judgment
Rule 4-803Claim of Exemptions on Execution
Rule 4-805Application for Writ of Garnishment
Rule 4-805AApplication for Writ of Execution
Rule 4-807Answer by Garnishee
Rule 4-808Notice of Right to Claim Exemptions (Garnishment)
Rule 4-808ANotice of Right to Claim Exemptions from Execution
Rule 4-809Claim of Exemption from Garnishment
Rule 4-901Three-Day Notice of Nonpayment of Rent
Rule 4-901AThree-Day Notice of Substantial Violation of Rental Agreement
Rule 4-902Seven-Day Notice of Noncompliance with Rental Agreement
Rule 4-902AResident's Seven-Day Notice of Abatement or Termination of Rental Agreement
Rule 4-903Thirty-Day Notice to Terminate Rental Agreement
Rule 4-904Petition by Owner for Restitution
Rule 4-906Petition by Resident for Possession
Rule 4-906AComplaint by Resident for Return of Deposit
Rule 4-907Answer to Petition for Restitution
Rule 4-921Three-Day Notice of Nonpayment of Rent (Mobile Home Park Act)
Rule 4-922Thirty-Day Notice to Quit
Rule 4-922Sixty-Day Notice to Quit
Rule 4-923Petition by Landlord for Terminination of Tenancy and Judgment of Possession
Rule 4-925Answer to Petition for Termination of Tenancy
50 U.S.C. ยง520Protection of Servicemembers Against Default Judgment