Law 466

New Mexico

Minimal and Flat Fee Services

New Mexico State Bar

The State Bar General Referral Program assists those who need legal help but are unsure where to find it. The program can put you in contact with a private attorney for up to 30 minutes of legal consultation/case assessment for a cost of a $35 referral fee. When you contact the program, an intake person will ask you for information needed to determine the area of law and county that is needed for the referral. Program staff will then contact attorneys in the appropriate legal and geographic area to find an attorney for the consultation. You can use the consultation to receive legal advice, have documents reviewed and/or have questions answered by the attorney. The availability and cost of any representation or time beyond the 30-minute consultation must be negotiated directly with the referral attorney. Payment of the $35 referral fee must be received before the referral is processed.

Albuquerque Bar Association

The Albuquerque Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service is a 30-minute appointment with a licensed attorney in their office or over the phone to discuss any type of legal matter for $50. Quick-appointments can be made within 2-5 business days. This appointment does not obligate you or the attorney to pursue the case unless you and the attorney agree to it.